"Mattie Breathes" is a children's book by Tracie Loux. Tracie is Mattie's mother and together they are writing this book to help educate families about life with a tracheostomy.


Mattie is the son of John and Tracie Loux. He has Down syndrome and spent the first year of his life in the hospital with numerous medical complications. Mattie had a tracheostomy when he was 4 months old. He has been home with his family now for over a year and is on a home ventilator.

When it was time for John and Tracie to share with their younger children about Mattie's tracheostomy, there was little "kid friendly" information to assist them helping their children to understand their brother's unique medical needs.

This bright, fun, full of hope story will be an invaluable resource to hospitals and clinics, schools, churches, and to families who will be welcoming a child with a tracheostomy into their home or community.

The book is in pre-publication at the moment.
All proceeds from this store go towards the publishing and distribution expenses.